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Brian is an award-winning, multi-lingual actor and voice over artist based in Los Angeles. He began acting at Truman State University, where he obtained degrees in Theatre and French.

He comes to L.A. via Paris, Tokyo, Guadalajara, and New York. He has performed off Broadway and off-off Broadway, and studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade.


Our doubts are Traitors 

and make us lose THE GOOD

We oft might win by fearing to attempt.

William Shakespeare


Some of my work.


Comedy reel

Dramatic reel

Stage combat reel

I do take my work seriously

And the way to do that is

to not take yourself too seriously

Alan Rickman


Click on the image below for a sample of my work.

My natural voice is warm, young, and casual, and I have a wide range of tones, attitudes, and accents. My years of learning and speaking foreign languages have given me an excellent ear for intonation and the subtleties of dialogue.

As for animation, my knowledge of foreign languages, range, and  improv comedy training give a unique sound and a real commitment to character.

Looking for ‘the guy next door?’ Got it. Sportscaster or Event announcer? Piece of cake. Teenage angst? Sure thing. Psychotic, delirious, French muppet? Can do.

Work hard, sleep less. Idris Elba

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He Who can no longer pause to wonder 

and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead;

his eyes are closed.

Albert Einstein